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Christopher is a professor of Exercise Science at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT. Christopher's PhD is in Sport Physiology and Performance from East Tennessee State University. While at East Tennessee he was the assistant coach for the Olympic Training Site for the sport of weightlifting. Christopher has a background in sport competing in soccer, track and field, powerlifting and now competes in the sport of weightlifting for East Coast Gold Weightlifting Team. 


Christopher has been coaching and training athletes for the past 9 years and has worked with a variety of athletic backgrounds from endurance performance to strength and power sports. His programs are based on scientific principals and are curated to fit each athletes needs and performance goals. His background in performance monitoring and testing give him the ability to adjust programs as athletes progress to prevent performance stagnation and optimally prepare them for competition. His programs are based on the most up to date scientific literature and will evolve as new information emerges to integrate best practice methods. 


Christopher's Credentials  

PhD -Sport Physiology and Performance

MS- Sport Performance and Injury Prevention


NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

USAW - Advanced Sport Performance Coach 

ACSM- Certified Exercise Physiologist

NASM-Performance Enhancement Specialist 


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